NoRa Cupcake Company, Middletown

NoRa Cupcake might not have been the first to jump on the cupcake craze, but might well be the best. Innovative, liquored-up flavors, plus gluten-free and vegan varieties keep NoRa ahead of the pack. The first one I ever had was their Irish Car Bomb, a not-too-sweet Guiness infused chocolate cake, filled with Jameson’s flavored ganache and a tangy Bailey’s cream cheese frosting. This is a cupcake for grown ups. With the cupcake craze on the wane, NoRa has moved onto cakes, and I certainly wouldn’t mind slicing into this one on my birthday. Their rainbow cake is full-on vanilla flavor and silky  buttercream, the only thing the teensy bit artificial is the coloring. A slice is $4, or order a 6” for $55 (feeds 8 – 10), 9” for $85, feeds 16 – 20 (or more).
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