Nourishing Habits January Juice Cleanse

No matter my good intentions during December, there are just too many opportunities to eat cheese and drink wine and, of course, I rarely forgo a proffered pig in blanket. By January first, like the rest of the world, I’m looking for something a bit more hardcore than Weight Watchers. While a juice cleanse isn’t meant to be a diet, it is a great way to kick start clean eating and lose a few pounds in the process.
I’ve done Nourishing Habits cleanse twice in the last few years, and I’m considering her January week. It’s sort of like childbirth, you say never again in the moment, but the pain fades and you give it another go. Frankly, it’s not that hard (after day 2, you’re golden), and Kai makes it so easy. She prepares all the juices, smoothies and soups from organic ingredients and you pick up your fresh-squeezed allotment daily. And, besides the green ones, they’re delicious. For busy people in need of a quick fix, it works. Find out more: