One Girl’s Dream: A Personal Chef


I’ve always said when I hit the jackpot (highly unlikely since I don’t gamble), I’d hire myself a driver and personal chef. Well, with the advent of Uber, the driver isn’t quite as urgent, but I’ll still take that chef. And just last week, I did. I’ve been cooking for my family for 30 years, and well, I’m just a little sick and tired. Imagine my joy when a smiling Keith Urbowicz walked into my kitchen with a couple of bags of groceries around 10 am on a Monday. And consider the excitement of The E List team who was about to get the best working lunch, well, ever.

Keith got straight to work and a couple of hours later called us in for lunch. The feast was creative and bursting with fall flavors, but not over-the-top, and he provided dishes to suit all of our crazy eating afflictions: one gluten-free, one grain-free, one vegetarian (don’t judge) and happily, an omnivore. The chorizo tacos tucked in butternut squash shells and creamy pureed cauliflower had us ooohing for hours. A roasted pork tenderloin was smothered with sweet sauteed apples and onions, the salads were bright with sweet, salty and crunchy components: arugula with oranges and fennel, baby greens tossed with blackberries, chevre, and pecans.

It was plenty of food, but not heavy or greasy, just fresh, seasonal eating at its best. My husband got yummy leftovers for dinner, and best of all, the kitchen was cleaner when Keith departed than when he arrived. Plus, he’s a cheerful guy who clearly loves feeding folks. I’m dreaming up scenarios to have him back.

Hire Keith for a dinner or cocktail party, or like us, a long and luxurious lunch. A full house for the holidays? Have him stock your fridge with meals for the week. But hurry, the season is almost upon us and this guy will be busy!

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keith urbowicz

keith urbowicz