Orange Theory, Guilford


By Jasmine Nadim

Not for the faint of heart, OrangeTheory Fitness is a heart-rate based, high-intensity interval work-out. A combination of treadmill running, rowing and weightlifting, OrangeTheory hour-long classes deliver a variety of intense full body workouts, from sprint circuits to bicep curls and plyometric jumps. Anyone looking to challenge themselves, from advanced runners to beginners curious about weight lifting will benefit from carefully crafted workouts. OrangeTheory’s unique use of heart rate monitors and aerobic zones encourages a focus on science-based fitness. Not only do you feel accomplished after the workout, you can track your calories burned and average heart rate. The name OrangeTheory references the “orange zone,” the aerobic zone where you are using at least 83% of your maximum heart rate. More than a science-based workout, OrangeTheory cultivates an encouraging and positive community of coaches and peers. Under the orange lights of the studio, everyone is working for the best version of themselves, free of judgment and comparison. Regular studio-sponsored challenges allow for friendly competition and an extra push to get off the couch. OrangeTheory’s motto “more life” means that the time spent in the studio influences more than just mile times. Instead, OrangeTheory encourages you to take on life as you take on each workout, with confidence, tenacity and a belief that good things come to those who work hard.

We sent Erin to check out Orange Theory’s new Guilford location and what she discovered was a warm welcome from the owner, Catherine and loads of support from her coach, Maureen. She loved working at her own pace and intensity level and is heading back for more. Each 60-minute class is unique and changes daily so she’s in for a new variety next run.

1059 Boston Post Road in Guilford

orange theory

Photos by: Orange Theory

orange theory