Pilates for Life

Pilates for Life is Pilates in its purist form. Marlene Powers not only owns and runs the studio, but teaches every class. Group lessons are taught on a mat, while machines are used for privates. Marlene continues to train with Joseph Pilates protégé Romana Kryzanowska and her dedication to True Pilates is exemplified by the constant tweaking of her techniques. Her knowledge of the positions and the body and her ability to get you to “go deeper” into your core, not to mention her devotion to her students, is unmatched. When I leave Marlene’s class, my stomach is flatter and I stand taller—what’s better?!?
Classes: Mat – All Levels, Privates, Barrel Classes
Atmosphere: Clean, bright, soothing
Price: $19/per lesson. 15% discount for two or more sessions.
(Full disclosure: Heidi has been going to Marlene for years and has never felt the inclination to wander).