Popsugar Gave Me This Box To Try…


My family wasn’t big on sending treats to camp or college (I’ve more than made up for it with my daughter…), so the BOX phenomenon is a fun one as far as I’m concerned. What’s better than having a package show up stocked with surprises? This one from Popsugar has all manner of useful goodies. I particularly love the wide-brimmed fall hat by Jack and Lucy, and (weird I know), but I go nowhere without a lint roller. Flint’s sleek, covered version is so handy. I knew about Smith & Cult’s nail polish but was unaware of their lip lacquer and this color actually works on me…but the Gluten Free Bites?? GONE! I know we’re all sick to death of hearing about everyone’s weird eating habits. No gluten, no dairy, paleo, vegan, no soy, OY! I’m an offender, too, convinced that I’m SO much better off without dairy and gluten. If you’re on a regimen that avoids these foodstuffs and have a craving for a chocolatey snack, give these a go. The dark chocolate coconut flavor comes SCARILY close to a yummy truffle, and they are satisfying enough to stick to the recommended serving of two (100 calories,12 grams carbohydrate, 4 grams protein, 5 grams fat). I snagged a few more bags at the Big Y. 

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Gluten Free Bites