Clean Out Your Closet with Poshmark

This online consignment shop is super easy! Download the app, take a picture, fill in the description and away you go. You can even share on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter for the social media mavens among us (apparently you get 23% increase in sales). I listed a brand new blouse by Velvet that I bought on sale in red (red!). Loved the top (I already owned it in black and white) and was trying to incorporate color into my wardrobe. Ummm. No. I snapped a few pix and loaded it on the Poshmark app. The blouse sold in a day! I rifled through my closet for a few other what-was-I-thinking items (white Adidas high tops? Navy maxi skirt?) and loaded them up, too. The trick with Poshmark is to treat it like social media. Check it daily, “like” and share other sellers’ items and they’ll do the same for you. And those white Adidas high tops sold in an instant, too.
You earn 80% of the selling price (but you need to price your items to sell. That brand new Velvet top sold for $40).
Best for brand names and “new with tags.”