Pradipika Yoga


By Amy Lee, Guest Writer

Tarot cards on the table: I don’t love Yoga. I don’t even like it that much, even though I know it’s great for you. I’ve tried it several times over the years, but have found it a bit too earnest and intentional for my easily-distractible mind and a little too challenging for my large-motor, hopelessly inflexible body. All that changed, however, after one session at Pradipika–which ironically means to illuminate or shed light on–Yoga.

Diaphanously dressed Marcy led our Power Vinyasa class in the small, yummy smelling studio. Her pace was persistent, but allowed for ample time to make adjustments or suggestions for modifications in either direction of difficulty. At various times during the class she’d oh-so subtly and gently reposition me. And at the risk of sounding creepy let’s just say, her magic touch almost made me want to strike the wrong pose. I also loved the overall vibe of her class; particularly the music which featured my personal favorite Aimee Mann. The owner, Jennifer Dahlgren offers a full complement of classes–including a series designed just for kids–for people at all levels of their practice.

Classes: Everything from the basics to hot yoga

Schedule: 3 – 5 classes a day

Atmosphere: Light, clean and of course Zen.

Price: Variety of passes and packages which range from $16 for a drop in to as low as $10 if you buy a group of 30.

Extras: 15 minute meditation class on Sundays at 4:45 is free; donate a percentage of profits to Shoreline Soup Kitchens