Privé Swiss 30-Day Exercise & Weight Loss Challenge

Looking for a fast and effective way to get fit for fall? Privé Swiss Fitness is offering another 30-Day Exercise and Weight Loss Challenge. The program includes unlimited fitness and yoga classes (at all three studios) and counseling with functional medical nutritionist Brigitta Jansen. You’ll partake in detoxifying infrared sauna sessions, weekly weigh-ins, plus support from other participants. Starts September 10. Note: Privé Swiss Fitness (formerly Essex and Westbrook Fitness on the Water)  is the Shoreline’s luxury fitness club with locations in Westbrook, Branford and soon to open in Madison. Click here for details. Or call call 860-391-8735.


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Here’s what the winner of last Spring’s 30-day Exercise & Weight Loss Challenge (who also happens to be an E List reader!) had to say:
“Kudos to Privé Swiss! The Exercise & Weight Loss Challenge was a winning combination for me. The nutrition/elimination diet component is truly transformational. Unlike South Beach, Paleo and other diets I’ve tried this approach really changed my relationship with food and with my body. I still follow it at least 80% of the time or more. The exercise classes are absolutely fantastic! At the start of the challenge, I signed up for and did as many classes that my schedule could handle — everything from Barefoot Bands, Body Sculpt & Burn to Cardio Barre and Yoga. The instructors and staff are all friendly and supportive. The all-level classes focus on balance, coordination, conditioning and strength training in different ways. I lost 10 pounds and over 6% of my starting weight, most surprising to me were the inches I lost from my waist, hips, arms, chest/back and thighs. And I’ve kept it off for more than two months!”
Augusta, 48


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Photos by Privé Swiss

prive swiss
prive swiss
Augusta (the winner) with Athena (the trainer)