By Amy Lee, Guest Writer

You gotta love James, a guy (a happily married one no less) who wants to spend a good chunk of his days helping those of us with jiggly under arms — and other unnamed less firm areas–get down to exercise business. That he (who has no jiggly areas AT ALL) chose TRX as his particular tool not only speaks volumes about him, but also of the concept itself. Started by a Navy SEAL, TRX uses specially designed adjustable straps that are affixed to the ceiling that allow you to do a limitless number of muscle twitching, aerobic inducing, body shaping exercises. James knows them all so you’ll never get bored because his arsenal is endless. The pace is speedy and efficient, and lickety split you’ve worked your entire body thanks to the combination of one bright yellow band and one boisterous bald trainer. While James is generally up front modeling the moves, his roaming eye quickly identifies and corrects bad positions or encourages reachable challenges.

James, who teaches 95% of the classes, offers several variations on the TRX theme ranging from circuit to bootcamp to body blast all of which deliver quickly noticeable results. The piece de resistance (literally) for those wanting the ultimate exercise exertion is the Sandbag Fusion class. Holding the sandbags in different positions not only manipulates your stability, load and body angles it’s a fat-burning fiesta.

Classes: Group, personal and semi-private. You name it James will do it

Schedule: Convenient and ample for the pre- during- and post-work warrior.

Atmosphere: Tight as a drum. Super organized, the latest equipment, plenty of space to spread out and do your thing.

Price: No yearly or monthly membership: All classes are sold as drop-ins ($20) or in group packages which become less expensive the more you purchase (50 for $550).

Extras: Reserve and pay for your class on line. Kid classes on Saturdays at 12:30