Ready for a Cleanse? Drink Moon Shots!


In general, I eat a balanced diet and don’t feel the need for a cleanse, but after five months of COVID-induced wine guzzling and cheese grazing, I wanted to get back on track. Moon Shots, a newish biz in Madison, offers a variety of fresh, cold-pressed, organic juices to purchase individually or as a one, three, or five-day cleanse. I signed up for the “24 Hour Detox”, and my daughter (with her youthful willpower) ordered the Three Day Signature Cleanse. We picked up our colorful batch on Tuesday evening and got going.

Moon Shots provides five juices per day plus a flavored almond milk and an immunity booster. You can choose the routine depending on your taste or go with their guidelines. I enjoyed the Gold Rush for breakfast, a tropical and filling blend of carrots, golden beets, orange, apple, pineapple, and turmeric. Mid-morning, I downed the Green Machine, a powerful nutritional punch of apple, kale, celery, spinach lemon, parsley, and ginger. Lunch was a Power House: a sweet and salty celery, apple, ginger blend. The Watermelon Cooler is a fresh afternoon pick-me-up (and would make for a lovely cocktail!), and I sipped The Hydrator (cucumber, apple, and lemon) for dinner. I saved the delicious and slightly salty Chocolate Almond Milk for dessert for something to look forward to.

One day is not onerous, although I did cheat with a handful of cashews around 3pm. My daughter’s tips for a three-day juice feast include always having some tea or water nearby for hunger pangs and start your day with the Green Machine. Neither of us could see doing a full five day cleanse, but we both felt less bloated and revived after a few days of juicing.

Of course, you don’t have to fast if it’s not your thing. You can purchase the juices individually for a nutritional boost or meal replacement. My produce intake in summer leans to corn and tomatoes, so I find the green juices an easy way to down a few extra servings of veggies.

Find the Moon Shots truck at the Guilford Green most days, or order your juice online for pick up at 175 Fort Path Road in Madison.

Find out more about the benefits of juicing and order online here:

Photo by Moon Shots