Red Barn Yoga, Lyme


When I moved to the Shoreline 16 years ago, I was flummoxed by the lack of stuff that was readily available to me in Boston. Namely: arugula, cappuccino and yoga. My how things have changed! There’s a farmer’s market in every town and a cappuccino on every corner. More surprising lately, is the flood of yoga studios that have opened. Riverdog was the first studio I visited in the area back in the day, and recently closed. But fans of the teachers there, Kate Novack, Emrys Tetu and Grace Osara Erhart, need not despair. They’ve moved to a stunning, freshly renovated red barn on Blood Street, right in my Lyme hood! Views of stone walls and the light scent of fresh pine permeate the serene space. Most classes are geared to “Every Body,” so if you’re just starting a practice, this is a good, supportive place to start. Experienced yogis looking to get their zen on will definitely find it here, too.

Red Barn Yoga










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