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April 14, 2020
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Resilience, Disinfectant & More Helpful Tips, 4/14/2020

alicia farrell

I’ve been home for a month now, with just a few forays out into the world. It’s been sort of like the stages of grief. The first week was denial, followed by anger, depression, and finally, acceptance (I skipped the bargaining). It took a good while to get my head around the fact that this was likely going to be a lot longer than a month stuck in the house.

And, today at least, I’m finding it’s not so bad. I’m lucky to have The E List to distract me, and even luckier to have my daughter back home, whose ever-sunny disposition boosts mine. I’ve given myself a pass on all the projects I was sure I’d finish: Inbox Zero (oh, that’s a funny one!), delete the extraneous images on my overloaded phone (45,000? I think not), attack the twenty boxes of photos in the basement. Nope, so far, not one project attempted, and I don’t care. In the scope of things, it seems insignificant. Work, housekeeping, scoring groceries in various ways, and cooking have kept me busy enough. And given me some brain space to ponder how I want to spend my time when this is all over (if it ever is), to try to sort out what really matters.
I hope you all are safe and healthy, enjoying family, daffodils, and warmer weather.


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