Saybrook Soul Sweat


If you are looking for a place to ride out these frigid temps and you’re game for a little Vinyasa flow, sign yourself up for a class at Saybrook Soul Sweat. Newly opened in Fall of 2017, this studio follows the tradition of Baron Baptiste, combining classical yoga styles of Ashtanga, Iyengar, and Bikram – meaning the postures are linked together in a sequential flow, peppered with alignment principles, and HEAT.

Owner, Courtney Brooks, a 2016 graduate of 200 RYT training program at The Yoga Shop along with her mother, Kim Brooks (Studio Manager) have totally transformed the large space between Zhang’s and Pop Weight Loss into a power-yoga-lover’s paradise. The classes are heated to 90 degrees and 70 percent humidity with a unique air filtration system. My heated vinyasa days are long behind me after nearly twenty years of practice (I’m mostly an Iyengar girl), but I dropped in for an hour-long noon class to see if I could still hack it. And the good news is, both the space and the teacher allowed for all students to work at their own pace and encouraged us to accept child’s pose as an option as needed.

After class, sufficiently wrung out (and by the way, thank you muscle memory), I cooled off with a yummy Green Machine (pressed apple, celery, kale, lemon and spinach) at the Juice Bar. Place your order before class and it will be waiting for you when you emerge.

Plenty of space to dress, store your belongings and lounge around before or after class.

By Laura Williams