Shoreline Orthopedic Rehabilitation


When I tore my ACL skiing last winter, I was dispatched to Craig Katco for physical therapy. I dreaded the boring 3X per week regime, having been down that road before for tennis elbow (which had recently reappeared, this time in my OTHER arm). But things with Craig were different. The exercises were a mind-boggling mix of balance and strength and actually held my interest for the hour. When I mentioned my elbow, and the long term therapy I had been in for the other, he said, “Oh, I can fix that”. He jammed his fingers into the tendon, smooshed it around a bit and voila! Much better. Three more times and the pain was completely gone. If you’ve got an achy elbow (or anything else) and have been putting off dealing with it, call Craig.  If you’re lucky, he’ll tape you up like Misty May-Treanor!