Sift Bake Shop


Weirdly, my favorite croissant is not Parisian. It was at the Patisserie Francais in Harvard Square and I literally grew up on them. After many trips to France, it remains the one by which I judge all others: a crisp crust gave way to a stretchy, buttery interior. Sadly, the Patisserie is long gone, but I finally found a facsimile at Sift. This new French bakery in Mystic helmed by an ex-Ocean House pastry chef, will be a destination for anyone seeking la vrai chose. You’ll be hard pressed to choose between the Parisian Fruit Tart with vanilla seed pastry cream or the Key Lime White Chocolate Cheese Cake. Baguettes and pain de mie, lunch-size quiches and tartine, a case of insanely gorgeous pastries, plus that perfect croissant and a bright display of macarons will have you slavering at the pristine marble counter. We ordered a couple of cappuccinos and tore right into our bag of croissants and scones (and saved the box of sweets til later). If you’re looking for something authentic and extra special to wow a hostess or for weekend guests, head here. Stunningly good.