Soul Nutrition Whips Up Protein Shakes (& Teas) at Saybrook Soul Sweat


If you find yourself in Saybrook Junction, you may see a steady string of mask-clad, gratified people leaving Saybrook Soul Sweat with delicious-looking smoothies and colorful iced drinks in hand. Tucked inside is a serendipitous mashup of SSS yoga studio (now open) and a spiffy new shake and tea bar. When Soul Sweat’s owner Courtney Brooks had decided to turn her focus towards the yoga studio and would no longer continue her juice bar inside, the folks behind Soul Nutrition happily moved in this June. They now provide protein-laden, plant-based shakes and teas to help bodies refuel both after yoga practice and beyond.

Soul Nutrition is open to the public so anyone looking for a little boost any time of day is welcome. If you’re coming with a group, they ask that you send one person in to order.  It’s hard to choose from the overflowing menu of scandalous-sounding shakes – Birthday Cake? Banana Bread? Cookies and Cream? Having been reassured that my afternoon treat was low in fat and calories, filled with vitamins & minerals, low in carbs, and packed with protein, I signed myself up for the Salted Brownie Caramel! It was tasty and filling and felt like a smart choice to fight off midday hunger. I also opted for very refreshing, slightly sweet Peach Bellini iced tea (saved for later!) with a boost of probiotics, aloe, and B12. 

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Located in

455 Boston Post Road in Old Saybrook

Mon-Thurs 7am-6pm

Fri-Sun 7am-2pm

soul nutrition

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