Spread, A New Cheesemonger in Middletown


The Main Street Market in Middletown houses a bunch of fun little shops and restaurants, and cheese (not surprisingly) was the first thing on our agenda. Spread, a new cheesemonger, and gourmet shop was our destination. Laura and I oohed and ahhhed over the selection of products, from a vast array of cheeses and accouterments to well-priced and giftable ceramics.

While we both think we’re on top of foodie products, we found tons here we’d never seen before. My sister had just introduced me to Craize, a gluten-free corn cracker I can’t get enough of, and there it was. Plus all manner of cheese-friendly nuts and pastes (lovely little pots of jams to pair with specific cheeses), fig sausages (yup, vegan), and crispy blue cheese-flavored Wine Chips. I am now obsessed with the airy and delicious Phyllo Crisp cookies crafted from pastry sheets topped with cranberries, oats, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds. I wish I bought ten boxes instead of two. You’ll also discover fresh pasta and a variety of organic and unusual sauces, and (in a smart move) a stack of Simon’s salty baguettes.

Overwhelmed by the selection? With a few days’ notice, the folks at Spread will build you a custom cheese board.
Find out more here: https://www.spreadcheeseco.com/

386 Main Street, Middletown

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