Squared Circle Studio

Although I try to behave like an adult most of the time, occasionally I have the urge to throw things (usually precipitated by a technological malfunction). So, I was intrigued by this new gym: the opportunity to get your aggressions out and get fit at the same time. Ever on the lookout for a fresh way to multitask, I thought I’d give it a go. The army of boxing bags pictured on the website intimidated me, so I decided to start with the not-so-scary Boot Camp.
Designed to target every muscle group and give you a good cardio kick, I found it a welcome change from 40 dull minutes on the Stairmaster. What I liked best? Stacy. She’s happy to adjust an exercise to accomodate various injuries and she cheers you on just when you think you don’t have one last pushup in you. Next time I’ll take Boxing Conditioning and then I’ll get to wear these fun “wraps” (above), too. Squared Circle is a bit tricky to find; heading north on 154 it’s the left driveway before Acme.