Succulents Are Having a Moment


Don’t get me wrong. I love a stunning bouquet as much as the next mom. But give that expensive bunch just a few days and it’s all over. Not so with succulents. I’m hoping these will remain a centerpiece for the foreseeable future. Although I somehow manage to kill any greenery I get my hands on (That glorious fiddle leaf fig? A sturdy rubber plant? Yup.), I am convinced that this beautiful bowl will make it through the summer.

Succulents and arrangement by Marlee at Mar. Floral in Old Saybrook, pricing depends on number of plants. This one is $80.  Hand-thrown bowl by Guy Wolfe available at the Florence Griswold Museum Store.

Visit MARfloral’s website.

marlee flowers

Marlee’s latest creations are these gorgeous “garden” arrangements, starting at $100.