Suja Juice


With equal amounts of dread and excitement I head to Target for a quarterly shopping trip to stock up on cleaning supplies and paper towels. I’ve learned to march right past the $1 bins at the entrance (wait, those bunny ears are adorable), and the racks of cute bikinis (for my daughter!), but there’s always something that diverts me from my list. This time it was the grocery section (when did they start selling meat at Target?). The detour got me hungry, and craving my usual ride-home snack: a bag of over-salted but irresistible popcorn that I’ll chow until my lips hurt. But no. I’m eating clean this week. That’s when I noticed the bottles of Suja juice. They had all the right buzzwords: organic, cold-pressed, non-gmo, probiotic. And while most cold-pressed juices go for around $10 a bottle, these were an extremely wallet-friendly $3.99. The Sunset Protein, a blend of almond milk, banana, coconut sugar, pea protein, cinnamon and spice was so good, I ran back to Target the next day for more. (Twice in one week! A record!). This time I snapped up all three varieties of Suja: a sweet and fruity breakfast smoothie, midday green juice and the sunset protein. The intention is that these three make up a single day cleanse. You can try that if you want, but I’m not so into cleansing. I like juice as fast food – a breakfast or lunch meal replacement. And frankly, you couldn’t buy the ingredients for $4. (Suja juice online is $9/bottle). Find them in the refrigerated case near the salad at Target in Waterford.





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