Sweet Creations, Branford

Chocolate-dipped popcorn and chocolate toffee caramel apples? Yes, please. Sweet Creations in Branford pops up vats of fresh corn daily then drizzles on just the right amount of milk and dark chocolate. The result is a sweet and salty treat, perfect for stocking stuffing, your UPS guy, or party treats. A Granny Smith is the base for their caramel apples, after a dip in the sticky stuff, they’re rolled in all kinds of treats, like dark chocolate and coconut, M&M’s, Snickers, or my favorite, toffee and chocolate chips. Tart and sweet and gooey and utterly delish. Owner, Donna, is a delight and recommends placing orders this time of year for the perishable goodies like popcorn, apples and dipped oreos, or head to the shop for old-fashioned candies and lots of other sweets. Click here for their facebook page for today’s offerings.
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