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November 10, 2020
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Thanksgiving Dine In, Windsor Chairs, Top Repairs 11/10/20

windsor box

With the best of intentions, I signed up for Masterclass at the beginning of the pandemic. I also thought I would finally master Photoshop. And take a deep dive into Google Analytics. Ha! I have managed to publish The E List every week but, frankly, nothing else. Evenings that I hoped to devote to expanding my skill set have been replaced with more TV than I’ve ever watched. I’m on my third round of Schitt’s Creek, I was obsessed with Ozark and Yellowstone, and The Queen’s Gambit may be the most compelling series I’ve ever seen. If you missed David Byrne’s American Utopia on Broadway, it translates beautifully to the screen. Oh, and next week starts season four of The Crown! I can’t wait. But facing a dreary winter under semilockdown, I’ve got to set some goals. November is National Novel Writing Month, and every year, I think, YES, I’ll finally get going on that book I’ve always wanted to write. It’s not going to happen in November (thanks to my stupid fall last week resulting in a sprained wrist and stitches!), but I’m going to give myself ’til Spring. My hope is that putting it out there in the universe might finally get me off the couch. Find more about National Novel Writing Month below. Love, Erica

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