Thanksgiving To Go & Turkeys 2019


You’ve got a full house but just can’t face myriad trips to the supermarket and days slaving over the stove. You don’t have to! Get your full-on feast from any of the following:

La Cuisine: This location has everything you need for a stress-free, delicious, and fresh Thanksgiving. All-natural turkeys are brined in their secret concoction, massaged with butter and ready for your oven on a bed of herbs and vegetables. Select various delicious starters, sides, extras, or pies a la carte. The most popular is the Beast of a Feast, which includes everything you need for Thanksgiving, including brined turkey ready for the oven, herb and apple stuffing, creamy mashed potatoes, green beans with roasted shallots, turkey gravy, cranberry orange chutney, dinner rolls, and your choice of a house-made apple of pumpkin pie. All pies are made in-house, with butter! Online ordering now available.

A la Carte Menus by Gourmet Galley: Thanksgiving dinner made easy by Gourmet Galley Catering. Serve the Thanksgiving dinner your family & friends will rave (and post!) about without having to do the cooking yourself. All your favorite dishes, homemade by our expert chefs so all you have to do is order, pick up (or they can deliver) and enjoy! All of our turkeys come from local farm favorite, Gozzi’s Turkey Farm and are brined, seasoned and cooked to perfection. No more dry turkey meat for you or your guests. A la carte options available for all the rest of the fixings!

Bishop’s Orchards Farm Market: Two kinds of turkey available for pre-order; D’Artagnan Organic and Gozzi. They do not carry turkeys, these turkeys are by special orders only so be sure to order early to ensure timely delivery. Any questions please call 203-453-2338. And don’t forget their pies and party-platter sides (love their no-sugar-added pies!)

La Belle Aurore: Go farm-to-table with locally grown vegetables for sides, including vegan options.  Local cheeses and smoked meats for charcuterie plus soups, pies, scones, and more.

The Marketplace at Guilford Food Center: This hybrid grocery-café-caterer is offering up four kinds of turkeys: free-range Willie Birds, Bell, and Evans, Plainville or Gozzi’s. Gluten-avoiders will be happy to find gluten-free sausage and mushroom stuffing, gluten-free gravy, and gluten-free pies here, while vegans can feast on Vegan Shepherds Pie. Classics like creamed onions and brussels sprouts with bacon are on their extensive Thanksgiving menu, too. Browse their options for appetizers, soups, salads, sides, breads, and pies.

Grass and Bone: Let Grass and Bone do the heavy lifting this year. Their classic sides and sauces are made in-house, just heat and serve. All you have to do is roast your farm-fresh turkey, from either the local pasture at Ekonk Hill Turkey Farm in Moosup or organic Wild Harmony farm in Exeter, RI. Pair your bird with their signature “Tur-Duck-En” duck & chicken sausage stuffing and cinnamon streusel apple crisp, and you’ll be all set! Supply and sizes are limited so don’t miss out, order today.

Coffee’s Country Market: Provides a Thanksgiving dinner for 10 – 12 guests that includes an 18lb Brined & Herb Rubbed Turkey, with 2 Quarts of homemade Turkey Gravy, 2 Jars of Cranberry Walnut Chutney, 3 Quarts of Butternut Bisque Soup, your Choice of Four Sides, your Choice of Stuffing, a Mile High Apple Pie & a Pumpkin Pie. Or skip the pre-Thanksgiving baking marathon and just order a pie (we’re fans of theirs!): choose from pumpkin, ginger sweet potato, apple cranberry, pecan and more. All orders must be submitted by November 16th.

Mystic Market: Two options serve either 12 to 16 ($160) or 16 to 20 ($210) and include the basics: an oven-roasted Gozzi’s Turkey with Sage and Vegetable Stuffing, pan gravy, cranberry sauce and buttermilk mashed potatoes. Next, choose your sides a la carte from a long menu of classics like green bean casserole to fresh tastes like smashed cauliflower with cream and parmesan. Oven-ready Gozzi’s turkeys are available here, too, plus plenty of pies and take-out turkey dinners for two.

Savour Cafe: This beautiful cafe will cover your appetizers with Rosemary & Lemon Marinated Olives, Roasted Butternut Squash Bisque, or Sausage, Spinach & Mozzarella Stuffed Mushrooms. Enjoy a enjoy choice of Turkey Roulade filled with Apple, Sage, and Fruitwood Smoked Bacon Stuffing or a Turkey En Croute, Puff Pastry filled with Roasted Turkey, Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce, & Cheddar Cheese. Orders now being accepted through Saturday, November 23rd.

Elizabeth’s Cafe: Whether you’re looking for take-out for two ($35 per individual dinner with all the fixings) or just the roasted bird, you’ll find it here, plus brown-buttered gravy, two mouth-watering kinds of stuffing, and all the traditional and not-so-traditional sides (Sweet Potato Puree with Pecan Garnish, Roasted Cauliflower au Gratin) plus classic pies and their turkey cookies. An array of hors d’oeuvres also available for purchase.

Pasta Vita: More than just turkey on their Thanksgiving menu! Stock up on the usual favorites (seven choices of lasagna, eggplant rollatini), be prepared for the post-holiday weekend meals, or choose from spiraled ham, roast turkey breast and traditional sides, platters, quiches, soups for the holiday. Orders due Saturday, November 23rd.

White Gate Farm:  Reserve one of White Gate’s organic, pasture-raised turkeys, weighing between 19 and 25 lbs. Turkeys are low in fat yet moist and tender. Also available are ready-to-go root grabs (chopped and prepped, just roast!), pre-cooked carrot-onion-brussel sprout-butternut squash medley, sweet potato souffle, creamed greens, kale cranberry walnut feta salad, and so much more. An assortment of pies, including gluten-free are available. Place your orders online or in-person at the farm stand Wednesdays and Saturdays. See “pies and sides menu” here.

Flanders Fish Market: No Fuss For You fully cooked Thanksgiving dinner (just reheat & serve!). It’s a full dinner, inclusive of dips, appetizers, sides and desserts, that serves 8-10 people for $250. Call 860.739.8866 to place your order before Monday, November 25th at noon.

Cooking Company: Offers turkey, gravy, apple bread stuffing, and cranberry sauce, but you can augment with classic sides like herbed green beans, cider-roasted autumn vegetables, roasted cauliflower with pear, sage, and hazelnuts, and of course, a variety of potatoes. Deadline to make, cancel or change an order is Saturday, November 23rd to be ready for pick up before 5 pm on Wednesday, November 27th. Call the Haddam, Middletown, or Killingworth location to place your order.

Walt’s Food Market:  Something is done right at this shoreline institution where over 1,000 pounds of Walt’s housemade gravy is sold each year. Yup, you read that right. Available for pre-order every year are Waybest turkeys between 10-28 pounds. Not inclined to roast a whole bird? Order any combination of parts or even complete dinners, with comforting sides you’d expect like Mashed Potatoes, Corn Bread Stuffing, and Whole Cranberry Sauce, Butternut Squash with Marsala Wine or Butternut and Acorn Squash Medley with Maple Syrup and Brown Sugar. Call Walt’s at 860.388.3308 to place your order.

Simon’s Marketplace: This year Simon’s is offering pies, cookies, and of course — Salt Baguettes!



CT Farm Fresh: Delivers turkeys from Ekonk Hill Turkey Farm, pasture-raised and processed on the farm in Sterling, CT without the use of growth stimulants. These turkeys live outside on free-range with full access to grass, bugs, and sunshine.  Orders must be placed by 5 pm on Friday, November 22rd to ensure delivery.

Gozzi’s Turkey Farm: Famous for their Day-Glo dyed turkeys, though some of us find the display at the farm a little disconcerting. Nevertheless, their prized broad-breasted Gozzi Whites have been a favorite on the Shoreline for generations. Call 203.453.2771 to reserve your bird.

Cliff’s Quality Meats in Essex provides an all-natural bird. Order it up oven-ready with their signature sausage and bread crumb stuffing and a quart of house gravy or surprise your family with one of Cliff’s smoked turkey breasts and house-made kielbasa to skip the cooking altogether. Call 860.767.1539 anytime to place your order, while supplies last.

Shoreline Prime: has Turduckens (deboned chicken stuffed into a deboned duck, stuffed into a deboned turkey) for your feast this year. Orders must be placed by Friday, November 22 by calling 203.208.1579

Walt’s has Waybest Turkeys this year, in addition to all of the yummy sides and gravy above.



If you’ve got the cooking covered but just need a few desserts, here are our go-tos for this year.

Bishop’s Orchards: Enjoy the convenience of our Grab N’ Go Fruit, Nut, Cream and No Sugar Added Pies! Bishop’s Orchards strives to make your holidays easier with the convenience of everything already done! Pre-ordering is the only way to guarantee our customers that their specifics wants will be in-stock.

Sift Bakery: Offers a variety of holiday desserts such as Pumpkin White Chocolate Cheesecake, their signature Carrot Cake Roulade, Pumpkin Tart, and many more. All orders must be placed by Sunday, November 24th.

Savour Cafe: Enjoy a variety of baked goods, dinner sides, and pies such as the Bourbon Spiced Pumpkin Pie Topped with a Pecan Streusel. Orders now being accepted through Saturday, November 23rd. Please plan to pick up your order prior to 3:00 pm on Wednesday, November 27th. Call 860-662-4438 for orders.

White Gate Farm: Order a scratch-made 9″ granny smith apple, bourbon pecan, or sweet potato pie, all available gluten-free as well as the pear cranberry crumble. Orders can be placed online or at the farm stand Wednesday and Saturdays.

Cooking Company: Well known for their bakery, they’re offering up everything from old fashioned pumpkin, apple, and pecan pie to cranberry blueberry lattice and pear frangipane tart (yum!). Deadline to make, cancel or change an order is Saturday, November 23rd to be ready for pick up before 5 pm on Wednesday, November 27th. Call the Haddam, Middletown, or Killingworth location to place your order.

Pursuit of Pastry: Serves a variety of specialty pastries, bread, pies, cakes and cookies.

Hadlyme Country Market: offering a menu of fresh-baked pies. Call the store by 11/15 to order: (860) 526-3188

Dagmar’s Desserts: Offers holiday favorite Stollen and Hazelnut Pumpkin Roll plus a wide variety of pies, cakes, and cookies for your guests.

Zest Fresh Pastry: Featuring all the holiday pie classics as well as Sweet Potato Pecan, new this season. The Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Tarte is a delicious option for your more chocolate-inclined friends and family! Orders must be placed by Sunday, November 24th for pick up on Wednesday, November 27th — requests accepted by phone, online, and in-person.

Hen + Heifer: Accepting cake orders now on a limited basis. Below is a preview of a few available options. Visit Hen + Heifer’s Facebook page for more pictures and descriptions to inspire you!

“Pumpkin Cheesecake”: The cake is composed of an almond dacquoise base, a hazelnut crisp layer, a spiced pumpkin jam layer, all surrounded by a pumpkin mascarpone mousse and a vivid, glossy white chocolate glaze naturally tinted with carrot juice. Gilded pumpkin seeds finish the top.

“Paris Brest”: Based on the French classic inspired by the bike race between Paris and Brest.