The Cheese Shop of Centerbrook


Every town deserves a decent cheese shop (and pizza and Chinese take-out), but when I arrived on the scene twelve years ago, that was not the case. Besides the fabulous Fromage, choices were limited to prepackaged parmesan at the A&P. These days (rather unfortunately), I can satisfy my addiction in any number of towns. The latest addition, The Cheese Shop of Centerbrook, is cheerfully manned by a true cheesemonger.

Paul Partica has been slicing cheese since 1967 and his expertise extends to the selection of 200 cheeses, including rarities like organic triple creme, a roquefort crusted goat and a weirdly yummy chocolate chevre. Decision making is difficult but Paul’s a big help. He’s happy to share his knowledge and have you taste as many cheeses as you’d like. Don’t miss the house special appetizer, a spicy black olive and hot pepper spread.

Paul brews up a killer cappucino and offers some of the Shoreline’s best artisanal breads: Pipp’s and Howard’s crusty and coveted baguettes. Check the freezer case for Frenchified dessert takeout: frozen chocolate or cheese souffles, mini chocolate mousse and creme brulee.