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March 25, 2015

The E List goes to Mystic! 3/25/15

Mystic Town Guide Launch!
We’re so excited to introduce our new Town Guides. I’m always getting emails like this one: “hey, I’m in Mystic and I can’t remember the name of that new restaurant you wrote about.” While you can find everything I’ve ever written about on (there’s a handy search on the top right), we knew we needed a better way for readers to find exactly what they were looking for, and fast. In a collaboration with a new app called Jauntful, we’re picking our favorite 15 shops and restaurants by town. Keeping it to just fifteen businesses isn’t easy, but currently that’s all that we can fit in Jauntful’s format. The lovely news is, you can look at our guide (with map!) on your gadget or laptop, or print it out and bring it with you. We hope you find our Town Guides useful. Let us know what you think:
Here’s our Mystic list and click the following link to see our Mystic Town Guide:
Feel free to copy and share this link with friends by email or social media. We’ll launch a new town guide about once a month, so keep your eyes on the list!

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