The Farmstand At Four Mile River, Old Lyme


More and more of us are choosing to eat less meat, if not for our health, then for the environmental impact. I, at least, feel better about buying ours from a local family farm right here in Old Lyme. Just in time for cozy autumnal comfort foods like beef stew and Osso Bucco, you can head directly to the farm and peruse the cases of fresh frozen cuts. I always grab a pack or two of their fabulous burgers, perhaps a flat iron steak, stew meat for the freezer, and some chicken sausage. You’ll find farm fresh eggs and prepared dishes like chicken chili available, too. But it’s the old-fashioned honor system that gets me. Write down your purchases and push your cash through the slot. Nary a city-dweller would believe this still goes on around here. A subtle reminder of old-fashioned values along with your support of local farming families. I just love it.