The Lyme Juice Company Reopens at White Gate Farm, East Lyme


I was so excited to hear The Lyme Juice company was re-opening at White Gate Farm that I raced over last Saturday morning. The menu is limited by what’s available this time of year, but I was after a CURE. I’m finally over my prolonged flu/pneumonia/hacking cough but still feeling a bit stuffed up. A fast HOT SHOT did the trick. This healing mix of turmeric, ginger, lemon, black pepper, cayenne, and a little grapeseed oil will unstuff your sinuses in a jiffy; I kid you not. After knocking it back (nope, not the tastiest, but worth it) I could breathe deeply and clearly. It is a lively way to start the morning, and I highly recommend it. Next up: Up Beet, an organic blend of White Gate Farm beets, magical celery juice (if you believe Carolann, the brains behind the juicer), green apples, and lemons. This is more of a leisurely sip; the celery juice promotes gut health, and the beets will help sustain your energy level (great for endurance sports and those of us just trying to get through our day!).

After your juice, you can ogle the delicacies! We picked up a turkey pot pie for dinner, some ridiculous cornmeal and cherry scones, a fat slice of gluten-free chocolate cake (iced in deep, dark chocolate), strawberry chia pudding, some stunning Mystic Seacoast mushrooms, fingerling potatoes and a couple gorgeous bags of greens. If you ask me, the Farm is the place to be on a Saturday morning; you can nosh on the goodies and juices while you’re there, and stock up for a week of clean and healthy eating.

Farm Stand open on Saturdays from 9 to 5pm. (Juice in the mornings only). Find out more about cooking classes and farm dinners at White Gate here:              83 Upper Pattagansett Road, East Lyme

Hot Shot and Up Beet fresh pressed juice

Egg sandwiches with homemade turkey sausage on Foccaccia

A morning Hot Shot!

Pear Tart

Pear Tart