The Perfect Valentine

Ashleigh’s Garden, now in a new location in Deep River, is the only florist that I know of that sources their roses from sustainable farms without the use of pesticides. The result is a fat and glorious bloom, bursting with color, that lasts up to two weeks. You won’t easily find this grade A rose (grocery stores are typically B and C) on the Shoreline. Ashleigh’s is an unusual spot for sure, with a menagerie of pets roaming the shop, shelves of jewelry and vintage oddities, racks of greeting cards and those gorgeous chocolates from Harbour Sweets. But this time of year, it’s Valentine’s Central, because Ashleigh’s is famous for their roses. They’ve teamed up again with some local businesses to provide a one-stop Valentine: a French baguette and triple creme from Fromage, two of Atlantic Seafood’s cooked lobsters, a raspberry cheesecake baked by Dagmar’s Desserts and a dozen perfect roses for $99. Order and pick up at Atlantic Seafood. Call to order: 860.388.4527