The Spice & Tea Exchange, Guilford


Yes, you can rush in and out of The Spice and Tea Exchange®, especially if you’re on the hunt for, say, Garam Masala, because they will most certainly have it and point you in the right direction. But a better idea is to linger and scan the shelves of ridiculously hot pepper powders, hard-to-find herbs like juniper berry, hand-crafted spice blends, and naturally flavored assortments of sugars, and salts. Along with the truffle salt (which I practically eat plain), and Matcha, you’ll discover things like this: a Romano cheese and pepper blend that, when mixed with a little left-over pasta water and a knob of butter, morphs into that simple and extraordinary dish, Cacio e Pepe. Talk about having a secret weapon in your cupboard when there is absolutely nothing to eat.

You’ll also find literally hundreds of teas (Emperor’s Chai anyone?) to perk up your winter doldrums, and these fantastic Nordic-inspired tea infuser cups (only $20, pictured above). Inspiring recipe cards (I grabbed “Everything Bagel” Mixed Nuts and Baked Buffalo Cauliflower) are free for the taking, too. THE holiday gift destination for every foodie or aspiring home-cook you know.

80 Whitfield Street

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Seasonal Teas


Add a little pasta cooking water to this and Voila! Instant sauce!