Three Girls Vegan Creamery


I can’t say for sure that all those bodies lined up at the counter at Three Girls Vegan Creamery were there for meatless meats and cheeseless cheese, but it’s entirely possible. They were most certainly not all vegan, and probably waiting patiently for the crazy ridiculous cinnamon rolls whose scent was wafting gently from the kitchen.  Or the crispy buffalo cauliflower, or maybe the twisted rolls filled with pesto. There’s a lot of deliciousness here besides what this place is famous for (cheeseless cheese!). Don’t ask me how one makes pepperoni out of apple slices, but here they do, and it’s damn good. You could ask Tracy, the mom of the vegans, who mans the bubbling pots and secret sauces in the spotless kitchen, but she’ll tell you it’s magic. I won’t argue.

This popular spot on Boston Post Road in Guilford is a haven for those who eschew animal and dairy products, but it’s just as delish for the rest of us. The menu is Italian accented, with “meatball” subs, lasagna, a variety of stuffed breads, and disks of nut cheese decorated with edible flowers on offer. Me, I left with a warm cinnamon roll to go and tore at it all the way home, marveling how one makes such a thing without eggs or butter. Madness! Puts Cinnabon to shame. Next time: Cannoli!

Open Wednesday and Thursday 12 – 5, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11 – 5.

645 Boston Post Road in Guilford