Tips for Getting the Most Out of the Insane Insidewalk Sale


The other Erica (owner of Ella Where She Shops, and a popular vendor at the Sale) shared these tips for getting the most out of the Insane Insidewalk Sale:

1. What to wear?
Tank top, leggings, shoes/socks, sweater- make sure the sweater and shoes are easy to take off so that it’s easy for you to try on. You don’t need a big pocketbook— wear something that goes on your shoulder or cross body—bring credit cards, cash, keys & phone. There is a communal dressing room.

2. What to eat?
Who can shop on an empty stomach? Not me! Have a snack before you come and work up an appetite to enjoy a meal at one of the many restaurants in Old Saybrook. See map.

3. What to be prepared for:
-embrace the insanity! The deals are SO WORTH IT!
-look through all the racks & displays, you don’t want to miss anything!
-attend with a friend (s) that won’t rush you 🙂

It’s a happy event; exactly what we all need at the end of a dismal January.

Find out more about the Insane Insidewalk Sale 2020 and participating vendors here. 


Pictured: Ann Lightfoot Jewelry