Consign Online with Tradesy

My experience with Tradesy was not tip top, not necessarily a fault of the company. I listed a brand new, but unused Louis Vuitton portfolio (a large zipped clutch) that I received as a gift years ago. Who uses a portfolio? Not me. This was a perfect thing for Tradesy which deals mainly in higher end merch. I browsed around for similar items because I didn’t know the original price and the piece is no longer made. I then priced it a bit below the others, and posted it on the website. Within a day I got a bite. The buyer put me through so many hoops and asked me so many questions that I started to feel like it was some sort of trap. Tradesy then wanted more photos to establish authenticity, and after 15 emails back and forth, I was quickly losing interest. Next, the buyer backed out. I was about to quit the platform and sell the piece on Poshmark, but another buyer came along and snapped it up without an issue.
Tradesy charges 19.8% for items over $50 plus a 2.9% transfer fee. A flat fee of $7.50 for items under $50.
Best for: designer labels.