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December 16, 2014
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Trailblazer, Branford

I always pop in to Trailblazer to fill my husband’s stocking with the sort of gadgets that will save your life when lost in the wild: miniature tool kits, packets of energizing Gu (yuck), and solar powered charging devices (you’d think he was a survivalist!), but this time I found something for ME! I’m mad for these snap on snowshoes and this year, I’m going to be totally prepared for the next BIG storm. Even if the plow doesn’t make it down my street (we’re somehow last on THAT list) I can strap these on and hike through the field to civilization (Ashlawn Farm and a decaf soy capuccino). Men’s and women’s versions available and if you ask me, this is THE perfect gift.  $189.95



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