Tranquil Balance Float Therapy

You know when you get to that point in winter when you’d give anything to escape for a soak in warm, salty, turquoise water? We’ve discovered that you can do just that (and top it off with a massage) right here on the Shoreline.


Tranquil Balance, a center for floatation and massage therapy, is tucked inside a “professional building” (precisely the name above the front door), behind CVS at Flanders Four Corners. Take the stairs to the second floor; the oasis awaits behind Suite 213.


I booked the decadent Float/Massage package. Upon arrival, and with a bit of instruction from the sweet staff, I dropped my clothes in the private changing room, sealed my ears with gummy plugs, had a rinse in the tile shower, and slipped into the steamy float room. Your sanctuary is filled with 11 inches of 93.5 degrees water and 1000 lbs of pharmaceutical grade Epsom salts. You’re completely buoyant so you can fully relax every muscle in your body.


This therapy is known as sensory deprivation or REST (restricted environmental stimulation therapy). I started the session in the silky, salty water with the usual chattering mind.  “Did I put the milk away? Are the bills paid? How long have I been here? Wait, what is my cue to get out of here?!” Eventually, there was nothing left to do but completely surrender and sink into the delicious weightlessness. I was so blissed out that I missed the signal (a white light comes on) at the end of the session!


After a refreshing shower to rinse off the salt, I slipped into a white, fluffy robe and headed into a massage room for what turned out to be a heavenly hot stone massage. A glass of cooling mandarin, grapefruit and mint infused water was offered at the end of my treatment.


If you’re looking for a mid-winter mind escape, you’ll find it here. I left feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready to make this routine a ritual.


Good to know:
  • There is an emergency button to alert the staff if you need help.

  • A float pillow for your neck is at the ready in the room. Much to my surprise, I was unable to fully relax my neck and this helped. Also, if this helps if you’d prefer to keep your ears above water.

  • A washcloth hangs off to the side in case you have an itch on your face. It’s important not to touch your face with salty hands.

  • The shower is stocked with shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Bring your own brush and deodorant.

  • Don’t shave the day of the float session.



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