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February 4, 2018
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Ultherapy at Esana in Guilford

I visited Dr. Javier Davila at Esana’s spanking new offices in Guilford. It had me wishing all doctor’s offices were light and airy with flat screen TV’s showing the various treatments available.

But this appointment was just to find out about Ultherapy, a newish remedy for fine lines and wrinkles that can actually lift and tighten your skin using ultrasound. The trick is the depth of layers of skin the machine achieves, and after just one treatment (and about four to six weeks) you’ll find your sagging cheeks pulled a bit tighter, the skin under your chin quite a bit firmer, and the texture of the skin rejuvenated.  How lovely! The big deal is there is NO downtime. Read that again, no downtime! Mainly due to the fact that the treatment does not violate the skin.  The procedure is performed in sections and the “mid-face” takes about 40 minutes.  You’ll see the full effects in six weeks to three months (an added benefit for those who like to keep these things to themselves, you’ll-oh-so-gradually look fresher) and the results last a year. Between Dr. Davila’s patient explanation, lovely manner, and the pristine office, by the end of our Q&A I signed up!

Postcript:  The first pass of the ultrasound was painful, but not horrible. Certainly tolerable, but you should know it hurts a bit. The second pass is much less painful. I was a little red, which had dissipated by the time I got home.  So there truly is NO downtime, and if I have anywhere close to the results shown below, it was entirely worth it.

Thinking of giving it a go? Say you saw it on The E List and take $200 off a mid-face treatment (the most popular), or $100 off an upper neck OR lower neck treatment. (Or have them all done and save a total of $400!).  Valid through 3/29/18.


Esana Med Spa

Esana Med Spa


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