Wehpittituck Farmstand, Stonington


By Dan Pearson

You wouldn’t have much reason to travel on Cove Road,  a winding and residential lane in Stonington. Yet at one of the bends, where Copps Brook becomes Quaimbaug Cove, there is as idyllic a setting as you will find in Southeastern Connecticut. A view out onto the cove, adjacent to a renovated church, at the honor-system farmstand of a property dating back to a land grant from 1652. No, it isn’t easy to say Wehpittituck Farm. But it couldn’t be more easy to buy fresh eggs, flowers, and a remarkable selection of seasonal produce. Park in the gravel. Put bigger bills in a hole in the table. Put the smaller bills in the Tupperware so others too may make change. Look over at the house that dates from somewhere between 1710 to 1740 and take in the scenery, the ordered fields, the roaming animals, and the rocky topography of a piece of Connecticut history. Nine generations of the same family have held the farm, which is managed by recent UConn graduate Jimmy Moran, whose vision and commitment to organic practices have diversified the offerings and made Wehpittituck a darling of area farmer’s markets and restaurants. It’s not just the convenience and setting, however, that make the farm unique. The stand offers variety, with allium, lettuces, and root vegetables rarely seen in the supermarket.