Zumba at Body Karma, Clinton


When it comes to a good Zumba class, it’s all about the instructor. They’ve got to have an infectious energy that invites you to loosen up and get down, even if you’re shy or believe yourself uncoordinated. Jessica Demers, owner of Body Karma in Clinton, definitely has that energy—she sings while she dances, she’s encouraging, and she’s clearly having a blast.

Set to an upbeat soundtrack of pop, Latin tunes, Zumba tracks, and a healthy dose of holiday songs (I attended class just before Christmas), Jessica and I box-stepped, twirled, swayed, and cut a proverbial rug across the studio’s wooden floor. What I loved most about her class was we didn’t only dance—Jessica also incorporated strength-training intervals with hand weights and kettlebells to get our heart rate up and work our legs, glutes, abs, arms, and shoulders.

By the end of the hour I was a sweaty mess, albeit a happy one—not only is Zumba one of the best exercises for cardio and coordination, it’s also a great way to elevate your mood.

Classes: Zumba, yoga, pilates.

Schedule: Between 4 and 7 morning and evening classes Monday through Thursday, 3 morning classes on Friday and Saturday, and 2 morning classes on Sunday.

Atmosphere: Quaint and homey, with new local art exhibited on the walls every three months.

Price: $15 drop-in, 5 classes-$65, 10 classes-$110, 20 classes-$200.

Extras: Private sessions, reiki, art receptions, kids classes, workshops, event and party bookings available.


by Amanda Bloom