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April 22, 2022
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11/30/2021, Essex Holiday Shops, A New Brewery & Giving (Local) Tuesday.

bank and bridge

Grateful and thankful seem like 21st-century buzzwords, right? And many of us practice gratitude daily (believe me, I keep trying not to scribble the same three things)! I do think it helps with overall happiness, and the science points that way, too. It’s the PRACTICE part that gets in the way! After a long weekend of friends and family and food (and not checking email), I’m not pretending this time that I’m grateful. Last November, I lost both a very close friend and my pup in the middle of lockdown and was in a downward spiral. One year later, I’m very thankful that we could gather and celebrate (twice this weekend!) my favorite holiday. I loved every minute and hope you did, too

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