20 Must-Haves For The College Dorm


Packing for college can seem overwhelming and stressful, so our interns, Molly and Hannah, pulled together their top 20 essentials for freshman year and dorm life. Happy packing!

  1. Calendar dry erase boardsuper helpful for writing out tests, paper due dates, sporting events, and extracurricular activities for the month
  2. Bathrobe
  3. Umbrella
  4. Shower shoes – an absolute must-have for showering in the dorm or in the gym locker room
  5. Laundry basket
  6. Bean Boots or other snow boots, such as Sorels
  7. Full length mirror
  8. Power strip and extension cord
  9. A desk lamp for studying hard!
  10. 2 sets of extra-long twin sheets — one to put on the bed, and one to have on hand when needed
  11. A mattress pad for making that dorm mattress much comfier
  12. A shower caddy for carrying shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and a face scrub to the dorm shower halls
  13. Ziploc Bags – these airtight bags remove air, so more clothing can fit into the suitcases
  14. Command strips and hooks can be used to hang bathrobe/towel/keys/coat on the wall, without making a permanent mark at the end of the year
  15. Portable lap desk — an essential for being able to study anywhere.
  16. A backrest pillow is comfortable and supportive for those times when studying in bed is more desirable than sitting at a desk.
  17. Travel coffee/tea mug — use this to take coffee & tea from the dining hall to class.
  18. Deep plastic bins that can fit under the bed and store extra clothing, shoes, seasonal necessities, medications, a blanket, and an extra set of sheets.
  19. A box fan, especially if the dorm doesn’t have air conditioning.
  20. Mini fridge for keeping healthy snacks (such as apples, hummus + carrot sticks, and blueberries) in the dorm.