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September 20, 2022
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9/20/2022, Sunday Brunch, Fall Fashion and An Old Favorite Returns

village bistro

What a week! My dad had a car accident and broke BOTH legs. I raced down to New Orleans and kept him company for a few days. Besides the intense pain, he mainly could not believe they did not offer hot sauce in the hospital. “Before they serve this food, they squeeze out every bit of flavor.” After 50 years down there, he’s a bona fide native. It will be a long stay in rehab, but I think he’ll be ok. From there, I flew to NYC and had a heartwarming reunion (could it really be 20 years?) with a grade school best friend who is as funny and smart, if not more so, than ever. Such a lift. I spent Sunday at a bridal shower for my cousin, a joyous celebration filled with love and hope and sweetness for the bride and groom to be. Their mother is my favorite California cousin that I don’t get enough of, and just the sight of her brings back a flood of happy memories of our childhood. Ah, the circle of life.

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