A Beach Getaway, Flower Farm & Things To Do 8/24/2021


What is it about an impending storm that has us stocking up on the craziest groceries? I had some coastal friends evacuating to me, so I ran to the Big Y at 7am on Saturday and bought a silly amount of bread (ummm, 6 assorted loaves!?!?), chips, and Oreos. I have enough carbs on hand for the next month! Lucky for us, the storm veered east, and all we got was a good soaking. By midday, it was apparent that we were not going to see the worst of it. After all that pre-storm anxiety, sitting around in my cozy library glued to the weather channel, and discussing the paltry amount of filling in Oreos turned out to be a rather lovely way to spend a Sunday morning. Hope you all made it through safely, too.

Love, Erica

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