A Perfect Tiny Kitchen


Chalk it up to empty-nesting, but I’m smitten with minute, well-designed spaces. And my friends, Rob Robillard and Addison Van Ness, have been happily living in one, long before tiny became trendy. Purchased as a summer cottage, it’s now their year-round home. And while the original kitchen had charm, these avid cooks and bakers needed more counter space and storage. A gut renovation a couple of years ago accomplished just that, and more. Intent on staying within the original 10 x 12 footprint, they tossed all their rarely used small appliances and gadgets and measured the rest. (It’s true – we all tend to reach for the same carving knife and well-worn wooden spoon, no matter the task). Besides the Kitchenaid mixer, everything is stashed away. The stove, stainless farm sink and fridge are just a step from each other, with a honed Vermont marble counter in between, perfect for prepping dinner for two or a party for 12. A particularly brilliant solution is the spice rack, tucked into a couple of spare inches between the refrigerator and hutch (organized alphabetically, natch!). Unusual touches, like backing the open shelving with local artist Brian Stephens butterfly block prints keep it personal, and custom built cabinets by Erik Block Design-Build tie the kitchen into the rest of the living space. Next on their project list? Rob is CEO of Sensible Organics, producer of Nourish Organic, my go-to organic skincare line, and he’s in the process of moving their sales and marketing to the old Six Main restaurant in Chester.

Photos: Davidson McCulloh

Kitchen Design: JL Design Associates   www.jldesignassociates.com

Builder: Erik Block Design-Build

Countertops: Eureka Danby Marble (sourced in Vermont), Marble and Granite Inc., Milford, CT

Appliances: Fisher-Paykel refrigerator and dishwasher, Page Hardware and Appliance, Guilford

Sink: Porcher

Lighting: Remains Lighting (Greenwich, CT) and Decode (Brooklyn, NY)








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