Streamlining 2024


While not exactly life-changing, here are a few gadgets and strategies that help me stay on track, personally and professionally.

Journey Travel Charger

The Journey 3-in-1 Foldable Wireless Charger is my latest purchase, and I am THRILLED with it. If you’re an iPhone and Apple watch devotee (yes, I must close my rings daily), this is for you. It’s the size of an iPhone and will charge your phone, watch, and earbuds with ONE cord. No more tangled chargers when you’re on the road. 

Currently 20% off with code Save20. Find it here:

Rocket Money

During the darker months of the pandemic, I subscribed to all manner of online services, from Ancestry to Zoom. Somehow, I even managed to sign up for some of them TWICE. All those recurring charges were not only a monthly annoyance but a serious amount of cash. 

When I was finally motivated to sit down and start canceling, I used Rocket Money. This handy app (yes, another monthly fee!) scans your bank accounts and credit cards for recurring charges and will even cancel subscriptions for you. While I don’t necessarily recommend that aspect of their service, once identified, it’s easy to cancel on your own. I sat down with my trusty login book, and within an hour or so, I saved myself over $200 per month.

Moleskine Daily Planner

I’m firmly planted in the digital world, but I’m analog when it comes to organizing my life. First thing in the morning (in bed, with coffee), I write my to-do list in my red daily planner by Moleskine. I buy the same one every year (personalized, of course). It’s the simplest version, with a day per page, and perfect for my long lists. I rarely accomplish it all, often moving tasks to the next day, but this year, I’m concentrating on what I’ve done, not on what I haven’t. And we all know nothing is more satisfying than checking items off your list.

Ink & Volt Deskpad

I’m excited (yes, these things really get me going) about my new “Dashboard” weekly planner by Ink & Volt. When I need to get a grip on the entire week, this is my answer. You can purchase it as a spiral bound or desk pad and fill in your top priorities and focus areas for the week. As I’ve generally got several projects going at a time, this keeps me on track. 

Bigso Desktop File

I’ve been using these white Bigso desk file boxes for years (and yes, I fill them with white file folders). They’re sturdy, lightweight, and pleasing to the eye, and let’s face it, filing is a fact of life; it might as well be pretty. 

Bigso Desktop File

Hanging white file folders with tab

Mobile Monitor

My bedroom does not have an available wall for a TV, so I’m trying to justify purchasing the LG StanbyMe rolling monitor. That’s the obvious reason, but also handy for streaming a yoga or cooking class or when an extra monitor is helpful for work. Battery-operated with a touch screen and a remote, and rolls wherever you need it (even outside!). 

See it here