Kim’s Colorful Cottage


I’m that dull girl whose home is all beige linen and white walls, but I find nothing more inspiring and courageous than exuberant and colorful home decor. Enter my friend Kim G. Her “cottage” is just that: block prints paired with chintz, antiques mixed with modern, barely a bare wall, and surprises in every corner (including a statue in her dining room that was her first major purchase 25 years ago).

She brazenly slipcovers Ghost chairs in purple and antique Swedish dining chairs get a fresh update in an exploded block print. The living room is lacquered to a mirror finish in the palest blue, which, apparently, is flattering to everyone!

Kim loves the hunt, and that’s how she achieves this marvelously high-brow yet personal and cozy look. She’s an expert at high-low, buying fabrics at outlets, furniture at consignment shops, and occasionally art at tag sales.

The key is she’s not in a hurry. Without a plan or single direction, her rooms come together gradually and are in a constant state of flux. This works because she has a keen eye for what she loves (dog art, hand-painted china hung on the walls, stacks of books, and plenty of framed family photos). The result? A very cheerful home, just like Kim.

Check out Kim’s pop-up at Maximus, Old Saybrook through December 2023. You can’t miss it, it’s on the right with a disco ball festooned with brown velvet ribbon! And, if you need some help styling your home, she’s available! Email: