A Personalized Wardrobe Detox with Patsy Berglund


Ever look (or walk) into your closet, packed with clothing and shoes, and think, “I have nothing to wear!”? Or feel overwhelmed by transitioning out the piles of sweaters and in the stacks of sundresses? Patsy Berglund can help with this and so much more. After a lifetime in fashion, between modeling in the 80’s to decades of dressing women in designer apparel in shops from NYC to the CT Shoreline, this girl knows her stuff. Patsy offers a unique and personal service like no other in the area. She’ll come straight to your closet and without judgment, she’ll help you make sense of what you own. In addition to weeding out the items (her wardrobe detox) that no longer suit your lifestyle, she’ll show you how to wear that piece you once splurged on (the one with the tags still attached) and what to pair it with. With big events and travel slowly coming back on the calendar, Patsy will dress you up or down and set aside essentials to keep in heavy rotation.

We tagged along with Patsy recently while she worked with her client, Yolanda Lowe. Yolanda, a local real estate agent, dresses for appointments and showings and attends a slew of events with a vast wardrobe to suit all occasions. They had edited and organized her closets in a previous session and the purpose of this visit was seasonal transitioning.

Here’s a before and after pic, taking a favorite blouse from Fall to Spring/Summer.

patsy before after

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