An Organizer’s Minimalist Farmhouse

Chelsea Wade, uber-organizer (and The E List’s Social Media Manager), and her husband moved to the Shoreline in 2017. After a decade of living in New York and Boston, they were yearning for peace, quiet, and nature. They found it in an 1805 four-bedroom farmhouse that is listed on the National Historic Register, complete with two original barns, on a sprawling property in Lyme.


Chelsea’s philosophy of living simply with things you love is apparent when you wander through the rooms. A few new furnishings reside happily with a mix of antiques, as reuse and sustainability are critical to her design ethos. A devotion to minimalism is too, as the rooms are spare but beautiful, winnowed down to the essentials. White walls contribute to the calm and serene environment. Symmetry is a key element of the decor and a muted base with simple wood furniture add textural elements. Throw rugs and artwork provide pops of color, and greenery thrives in every room. The couple has created their perfect sanctuary, a place to decompress, re-energize and retreat.


While few of us can achieve Chelsea’s level of organization where every nook, cranny, and closet is sorted and labeled, the house provides plenty of inspiration to get moving on that pantry and laundry room (two thorns in my side). Or, if you need a hand, you can always give Chelsea a call.


A Good Home

Photos by A Good Home