Atlantic Seafood Market

Atlantic Seafood has a new line of house-made spice rubs, that I had every intention of telling you all about. With catchy names like Spicy Sailor and Pig ‘n a Poke, I imagine I’ll be sprinkling them on otherwise boring meals all summer. And maybe you will, too, as an easy solution for a rather plain piece of fish. But that’s not all you need to know.
Besides the case of tempting and unusual salads (pickled cauliflower, orange and beet, celery root remoulade), you can order a large side of poached salmon, sheathed in a layer of cucumber slices and there you go: the absolutely perfect thing for a summer lunch or dinner. Three and a half pounds serves twelve for $75. Grab a container of Mahi Mahi pate (with a bit of a kick) and a salty loaf of Judy’s bread and you’re set for a simple but elegant party.