Bantam Tileworks


After lunch at Arethusa al Tavolo, head next door to Bantam Tileworks. There’s something about ceramics  that transfixes me and always has. I briefly tried my hand at throwing pots, and as much as I loved having my hands in the clay, the results were, well, sad. I still have a few miniature vessels around that are best used as doorstops. No matter, I still love to look. Replacing the tile in my shower is on the to-do-someday list, so happening upon a tileworks was rather fortuitous on a Saturday afternoon. The back of the lofty space is the pottery, and the front is given over to a showroom and gallery. The walls are lined with field tile, mosaics and an unusual collection of hand-sculpted tiles featuring all manner of wildlife: fox, bear, mice, rabbit– any of which would make an interesting addition to a fireplace surround.  The glazes are rich and layered, reminiscent of the arts and crafts era but with a modern edge (the potters here are transplanted New Yorkers, after all).  You’ll find plenty of pick-up-and-gift vases and platters, but it was the shaped tiles that grabbed me. Completely on home decor trend, with more than one hundred glazes to choose from and various historical styles, the possibilities are endless. If you can’t make it up to Bantam, shop online here.