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February 10, 2020
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Bedroom Need a Refresh? Head to Fine Linen and Bath in Branford

fine linen bath branford

I always check in here when I’m out and about in Branford. This online resource for high-thread counts and hard-to-find designer bedding has a small retail outlet at 539 Main Street. Make an appointment and bring in that pillow you’d like to match (or just your ideas) and a designer will walk you through their endless options for table linens, bedding and towels.

New in the shop is a personal favorite: Kevin O’Brien’s cut velvet pillows. No appointment necessary, walk-ins welcome.

539 Main Street in Branford

Kevin O'Brien pillows
Kevin O’Brien pillows
fine linen bath branford
The Team at Fine Linen and Bath
fine linen branford

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